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What we offer?
We develop innovative psychological programs, workshops, transformation games for your employees to develop emotional intelligence, strengthening soft skills, improving communication skills, building trust between members of the organisation .

Why us?
Our team of professional psychologists has extensive experience in business, which gives us a deep understanding of the needs of organizations.

Our mission
Put psychology at the service of business.
Economic effect of investments
For every $ 1 invested in the services of specialists of supporting professions (psychologists, psychotherapists), the return in the form of high health and increased productivity is $ 4. SBR.
Our products
Workshops and сommunication sessions in game format
3-hour thematic psychological sessions aimed at getting acquainted with the topic (20% of theory), learning practical skills and tools.

Book a workshop to:
- build trust in the team,
- prevent emotional burnout,
- improve team interaction;
- get acquainted with our work format.
Number of people from 5 to 80.
Group programsOpenMindSessions
Thematic group meetings for key employees and teams to develop emotional intelligence, loyalty to change, attitude to conflict as a point of growth, the ability to be open to the new.

Format - 3 hours once a week - 12 meetings;
Number of people - from 5 to 15;
20% theory, 80% practice;
All meetings are thematic.
Online psychologist for organizations
A course of personal consultations for top managers and key employees with a focus on work issues, for personal development, emotional intelligence, a clear understanding of needs.

Courses - thematic: anti-burnout, emotional intelligence, communication.

Format - 1 hour per week - 12 sessions.
For individuals
Personal counseling courses for individuals with a focus on personal issues for personal development, dealing with internal conflicts and a better understanding of their needs.

Courses - thematic.

Format - 1 hour per week - 12 sessions.
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What is the result of passing our programs?
WIN-WIN approach:
everyone wins: both the organization and employees!
For the organization:
  1. Increasing employee involvement
  2. Reducing the outflow of personnel
  3. Increasing resilience
  4. Creating productive teams
  5. Developing employees creativity
  6. Improving the microclimate and reducing conflicts
Our clients
4ID Team
Professionalism. Confidentiality. Support.
  • Oksana Leschenko
    Co-Founder of 4ID, corporate psychologist, business co-owner
  • Iryna Pinchuk
    Co-Founder of 4ID, corporate psychologist, HRD
  • Ludmila Skripnik
    Co-Founder of 4ID, corporate psychologist, PR director
  • Iryna Nikitchina
    Co-Founder of 4ID, corporate psychologist, corporate risk manager
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