Master class
emotional burnout,
new horizons
In the unique Openmindsession format, our experts will help you deal with stress and heavy workloads, identify your type of burnout, find ways to deal with it and prevent it in the future.
For whom?
For employees and teams who work actively and want to increase their emotional resilience.
Learn to take care of yourself and your team, increase the efficiency of professional activities and improve the company's performance.
You are not alone!
According to a study by, 64% of Ukrainians are or have been in a state of emotional burnout. Since 2019, the WHO has included this condition in the International Classification of Diseases as a professional phenomenon that affects human health and psyche.
About the Master Class
Emotional burnout is one of the main problems of business, which affects the performance of employees and productivity of the company as a whole.

Business efficiency directly depends on the personal efficiency of employees.

We will share our authorial method of working with burnout, based on the world's best psychological practices. We will show how emotional burnout is associated with betrayal of yourself and your values. We will identify types of burnout, learn how to cope with it and to prevent it in the future.
Book a master class to:
reduce presenteeism and absenteeism in the team, increase staff involvement
to raise personal awareness of employees, to open their internal resources and talents
improve the quality of professional and personal life of employees and increase their efficiency
The results of working with emotional burnout for the company:
  • Reduction of the outflow of the company's personnel by 30%
  • Increase the emotional stability of the team
  • increase in productivity of employees to 70% and their keeping the resource state
Take care of the team - do not let it burn out!
Authorial method
The master class is held in the OpenMindSessions format, developed by a team of our psychologists and experts.
This approach involves:
  • Master class
    80% - practice, 20% - theory;
    Gestalt approach to working with a team
  • duration
    2-3 hours
  • group
    From 10 to 70 participants
    online and offline format
  • Uniqueness
    The practical part of the master class is carried out through teamwork
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