individual online sessions
from corporate psychologists of 4ID Studio of Corporate Psychology
For whom?
  1. Top managers
  2. Team leaders
  3. Key employees
  4. Business partners
What for?
  1. Psychologically support employees
  2. Maintain efficiency
  3. Take care of the emotional state of key managers
  4. Resolve conflicts in the team, business partnerships
Corporate online psychologist
Individual online sessions for leaders and key employees, which help them to cope with the challenges of the business environment, effectively use their energy and talents in the interests of the company to achieve great results. A team of professional psychologists with extensive experience in business - this is what will give you a "handicap" in today's difficult situation.
Order the service to:
Increase resilience, employee productivity
- 2 -
Get acquainted with new psychological tools to improve the efficiency of key employees
Get leadership communication practices that will help you deal with conflicts in the team
The result of the introduction of the "online psychologist" service in the company will be:
Reducing the outflow of personnel
Employees who have anti-crisis support, cope with the work more efficiently, which provides stability to organization
Improving communication skills directly affects the improvement of the company's microclimate
Increasing the Employee Confidence Index by taking care of employees
The development of emotional intelligence, empathy - will give a better understanding of yourself and the client
Preventing emotional burnout of employees
Online session format
  • Individual online sessions
    Skype or other method of video communication
  • time
    Duration 50 minutes once a week
  • For whom?
    Top managers, team leaders, key employees, members of their families
  • Unique benefits
    a team of professional psychologists with extensive business experience
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