Iryna Nikitchina
Co-Founder of 4ID, corporate psychologist, corporate risk manager
Master of Finance. Master of Psychology. Gestalt therapist (standards of the European Association of Gestalt Therapists EAGT)

Experiential psychotherapy (dialogue-phenomenological model)

About myself
I have been a practicing psychologist for 7 years. Previously worked as a corporate risk manager for a large business. Now my philosophy of life is reflected in a quote from the French philosopher Sartre: "What matters is not what they made of me, but what I made of what they made of me." For me, these words reflect the freedom, responsibility and personal choice of each person. Choosing to be happy. My values are honesty, sincerity, kindness, meaningfulness in relationships with myself and other people, the ability to build close relationships.

Marital status
Married, have a daughter.
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